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High quality workmanship done right the first time.

High quality workmanship done right the first time.

High quality workmanship done right the first time.High quality workmanship done right the first time.


Hello friends ....

UPDATE: APRIL, 4, 2020:

We are here to help you during the COVID-19 pandemic!

Please be advised that due to the ongoing Global Pandemic we have made the decision to closed until we are told it is safe to reopen.

We understand that during this time, essential living electrical issues (such as a stove not working which would cause difficulty in creating and heating meals) may arise and we wish to offer some help to our community.

As a form of relief to our community;

- We are waiving the service fee and labour fee for regular calls.*

- We will not charge overtime rates for after hours and weekend emergency calls.*

This will work as follows:

1. Call our office directly at 647-987-8830 or cell at 519-217-8386 and speak with Izabela.

2. After our COVID-19 Message plays you will be asked to leave a message. Please leave a message with information about what your electrical issue are so we can return your call to discuss the options for the repair. At this time we also ask you a series of screening questions regarding COVID-19 such as are in self isolation or have symptoms of COVID-19. Please understand that we going to TRIAGE your request and are completing EMERGENCY repairs first. Because of this we may have to reschedule your appointment as more emergent calls come it.

3. We may offer a video meeting where you can visually show us the problem and we can better assess the issue. You may also provide pictures or video to the email or text that will be provided by us to help understand your issue.

4. We will offer the waiving of the service fee and labour fee of regular service calls. We will not charge an overtime rate for after hours or weekend emergency calls. Any material needed to complete the job must be paid for by the client or supplied by the client and approved for use by EVO Electrical Contracting.

5. We will book a time for our master electrician to come out and complete the required repairs while following the upmost strict COVID-19 safety protocol.

it's that simple!

We don’t want to turn anyone away if we can help them but please understand that this is also a strain on us by attempting to help you out of a bad situation. Although other electricians may chose to stay open and available for service calls, our small family-run business with one apprentice has decided that it is best to stay home and self-isolate.

No, we do not have the financial means to do this. Yes, it will be difficult. Yes, we will go into debt. No, we will not put ourselves and others at risk unnecessarily.

Working together as a community we can all get through this!

Stay safe, 

Izabela & Brandon

*Conditions apply and we may remove or cancel this offer at anytime. Not all jobs may qualify. We reserve the right to final decisions of how this program is applied and to whom.